Graze Box Round 1

Hello world,

So y’all know I love free stuff, and is giving a free nibble box away if you use a certain code, *found in Cosmo if you want one*, so I was flipping through Cosmo on my break at work about 2 weeks ago, and thought it’d be worth checking out…boy, was it! Ya know what, I should back up a little. Okay, so Graze is a company that mails out healthy snacks to the UK and US, based on your likes and dislikes of snacks. You select some snacks based on a few clicks, and then BAM, it’s at your door. They have a ton of different snacks, like chips and dips, fruits, granola (bars and the regular), fruits, nuts, trail mixes, and the best one of all…CHOCOLATE.

Okay, fast forward to yesterday: I had a really long day at work and school, so when I left campus all I was  really concerned about was getting home. I had ordered a few things in the past few weeks or so, but I wasn’t really expecting anything to come in, and then there it was, my nibble box! I opened it immediately and was so excited! Being a teenager and for whatever reason feeling the need to eat EVERYTHING, kicked in and I decided to try the “Salsa Fresca and Cheese Sombreros”. It was delicious. I’m trying to save my other three snacks (raspberry coconut muffin mix, chili and lime pistachios, and fruit and seed flapjack). I’ll tell you how those go later.

In the meantime: if you’re interested in your free box, contact me and I’ll give you my friend code! I only have 4 to give out so be quick! Or…you can just go into the December issue of Cosmo (with Miley on the front), and find their ad. It’s green and on the top of the page, I’d say in the back half.

Anyway, love you all. Tell me about free stuff you’ve gotten!



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