U by Kotex

I almost forgot! I got another one of my free packages in the mail earlier this week from U by Kotex! I know, kind of weird thing to blog about, but hey, I’m a girl, I’m in college, I get my period, and that is expensive stuff so I will take all the free stuff I can get. 

Okay so: if you go to ubykotex.com/Get-A-Sample it brings you to a page that has all the different sample packages to choose from depending on your period. I got a “super pack”, that had 2 super tampons and 2 liners for double the protection, and they’re awesome. Also in the package was a little booklet of all the other U by Kotex  products, just in case you didn’t like the package you got, you can see all the other wonderful things they make. And on the last page of said booklet, $1 off your next U by Kotex purchase…perfect. 

And the coolest part: if they ran out of the pack you want, they’ll give you a coupon for your next purchase! What’s better than that? 

OH WAIT…THIS. U by Kotex is also sending out a FREE bracelet to girls “in the know” about feminine health! Come on! That is so much free stuff! I love it!

Okay, I’m done for today. Make sure to tell me about free stuff you’ve claimed!


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