Graze Box Rounds 2, 3, and 4

So apparently people are actually reading this, so that’s cool. I didn’t think anyone would ever read this. 

Anyway: I’ve finished my Graze box, and it was wonderful. Everyone should order them. If you don’t remember, Graze is a company that sends healthy, delicious snacks by mail, and if you have a friend code/invitation code, your first box can be free! Woohoo! 

In my box I had Salsa Fresca and Cheese Sombreros, which I talked about a few posts back, and I LOVED, and a Fruit and Seed Flapjack, Chili and Lime Pistachios, and Raspberry and Coconut Muffin, and they were all great. I had the fruit and seed flapjack in the car on the way to school on Friday, and it was perfect! It fit right in my bag, and it was delicious. Perfect breakfast/on the go snack. Miles and I split the chili and lime pistachios yesterday before I left for work last night, and they weren’t my favorite, but I do like pistachios a lot, so that was pretty different. And finally, the raspberry and coconut muffin was so good! Not gonna lie, I’m a mess, so things that come in a granola style snack is kind of a disaster.  HASHTAG I’m an adult.


Overall, I give the Graze Nibble Box a solid 10. It was tasty, convenient, free, and generally just really good. The regular boxes cost $6 and you can have them delivered every 2 weeks, or once per month. If you want my friend code, make sure to comment/contact me and your first and fifth boxes are free! 


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