Smashbox Try It Kit

So for those of you who know me and my family know my sister is very into makeup, and with her birthday next week I was kind of iffy about buying her some of her favorite brands, because it’s expensive…BUT I found a Smashbox “Try It Kit” on Amazon for $19, retail value: $59. INSANE RIGHT. It comes with 5 products:

1. Photo Finish Foundation Primer

2. Photo Finish Lid Primer

3. Full Exposure Mascara

4. Limitless Eye Liner in “Onyx”

5. Lip Enhancing Gloss in “Illume”

It only came in the mail yesterday, and she hasn’t used any of them yet, but we’ll do a “guest blog” type thing when she does so you all can hear what she thought of them.


Anyway: tell me about the free stuff you get! Follow me on Twitter ( @SuperKatieJean) and on Instagram (superkatiejean) 


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