With everyone in college, including myself, feeling the unbearable pressure of finals and the holidays approaching, with much sadness, I may have to take a small hiatus from blogging. I will try to post 2-3 times a week like I have been, however, they will be very quick blurbs about what’s going on in my life, and the products I’m using, and study tips. Right now I’ll talk about study tips and things that I like to do in order to study and things I find to be effective. 

1. To Do Lists: I use them daily, with the app on my iPhone called CARROT: To Do. It’s an ingenious little app that awards you points for everything you get done and with said points, you can earn points to level up. Very motivational, very helpful. However, with finals approaching to do lists can become very overwhelming, and I have found that writing out a small to-do list (maximum of 8-9 things at a time) is very relaxing. I also like to kind of over-lap some tasks, for example: in my 1960s class, I have 2 papers due about the same topics, so I decided to do a small outline of the bigger one, and take some of the ideas I put into the outline/paper into the smaller of the two. Also, things that include built in breaks are helpful, like laundry! You know you have a pile that needs to be done, so throw a load in before you start any of your other things and that way, in a half hour-an hour or however long your washing machine takes to work it’s magic, you HAVE to take a few minutes to get up, put them in the dryer, and throw another load in, which leads me to my next point….

2. Breaks: 100% necessary. You must, must, must, must, take short breaks. Whether they be biological (bathroom, eating, showering, sleeping) or relaxation breaks (watching TV, sleeping, working out, or seeing friends). You will learn more, retain more, and feel much more relaxed about the whole thing if you take a quick break every so often.

3. Sleep: Again, 100% necessary, and sleeping is awesome so do it anyway. 

4. Snacking: Again, again, 100% necessary. You need food to survive. Make it something healthy and tasty and you’ll feel better about it. Stress eating is not good eating.

5. Studying in group: Some people don’t like studying in groups because of distractions, however, there’s at least 20 other people in your class who are studying the same material you are, and then think of all the other sections of the course who are doing (basically) the same material. Exchange contact info, use , get a small group going, find a place to meet, and share ideas, snacks, study guides, et cetera. Chances are you’ll learn more this way. 

I think that’s all for now. I’ll post some more soon. In the mean time, follow my stressed next few weeks on Twitter and Instagram (@SuperKatieJean) and tell me how you’re prepping for finals!



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