Yay December 1st!

I hope everyone who celebrates enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and are continuing the enjoyment of Hanukkah for my Jewish readers. In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I’d share this cute little gift giving cheat I found on Pinterest. I’m sure you have a Secret Santa or a Yankee Swap gift you have to do for work or family or whatever and they can be a hassle. How do I stay under the limit? What should I get? Should it be gender neutral? AH! Craziness! So to ease your worries, I am here! Granted, someone ELSE posted this, but the internets all about sharing, right? 




So this is quite obviously a Starbucks tumbler, with some nail polish, Burt’s Bees Chapstick, and a target gift card. Of course, you don’t have to follow this to a tee, but I would love to get this as a gift! For mine, I bought a $4 work out water bottle, a nail file, a bottle of nail polish, a package of hair ties, a tube of chap-stick, a package of gum, and some caffeine tablets. Total cost $18! Can’t beat that with a stick. You can modify this obviously and change the items inside for the particular person, but if I can do Christmas for >$20/person, I’m all about it. 

Let me know how you do it! Comment below, follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@SuperKatieJean) and tell me all about your gift giving ideas!


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