I’m Back Baby.

Hello everyone. It has been quite sometime since I blogged, so I thought today would be the perfect time write a quick post. I hope you all had an easy and great semester that is rather quickly coming to a close and I hope your finals are going to be easy.

Today I’d like to discuss something important in today’s society: hashtags.

For those of you who actually know me in person know that I use hashtags in everyday conversations, text messages, and in my online life. Just look at my last few tweets and Instagram posts! I love them! They’re great! However, when people don’t use them properly, I have what most call a small heart attack. I cannot stand when I see things like this on Twitter “#ihopeyourehavingagoodday #becauseimnot #andimlying #becauseiwantyoutohaveabaddaytoo” STOP. Stop right now. On top of having more than one hashtags (two if absolutely necessary), you can’t even read that. Sure, several hashtags are a way to get more likes on Instagram posts (#guilty), but on Twitter you just look like a doofus.

My point is: Do not use more than 1(sometimes 2) hashtags. Don’t use all lower case letters (for every new word, capitalize the first letter).  Do NOT use punctuation (#Mr.RIC -> now only Mr is tagged).


Okay, my PR social media rant is over. Tell me some of your online pet peeves below or follow me on Twitter and Instagram!


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