10 Things You Should Always Travel With

In the past year, I’ve done a lot more traveling than I had ever done before. Since starting college, I’ve been on trips to Boston, Montreal, Minneapolis, and soon I will be going on a trip, destination TBA. In preparation for these trips I’ve read countless blog posts and Pins on Pinterest saying these are things you need to travel with or your trip will be ruined, which has resulted in me overpacking time and time again, so here is a short and sweet list of the ten things that I recommend bringing with you when you travel, besides the basics.

1. Laundry bag/Pop Up Laundry Hamper – I’m not suggesting you do laundry on your trip, but having a mesh laundry bag (mine is a huge purple bag from the Dollar Tree) can never hurt. Hotel rooms are small, and being organized can be difficult, so having a bag where all of your dirty clothes can go, will at least keep what are clean clothes versus what are dirty clothes a bit easier. (And I mean, a small sample size/travel sized container of laundry detergent and a roll of quarters couldn’t hurt either. Bathing suits get gross, sports uniforms get stinky, and sometimes it’s just better to throw in a little load before you leave anyway to lessen the amount of laundry to do when you get home).

2. Power Strip – I bought mine at a 5 Below for $5 and it’s proven to be the best $5 I’ve ever spent. This absolutely wonderful little strip made our three hour sit in the Baltimore airport, two hour sit in the Atlanta airport, and four hour sit in the Chicago airport a lot more comfortable. My trips to Boston two years ago, and to Minneapolis this year was for NACA Nationals, and I was traveling with 7 other college students, so of course we each had at least two devices that needed to be charged. In the hotel room, everything was in one location, and we weren’t running around the room every morning looking for who’s phone was where and which plug failed half way through the night.

3. First Aid Kit – This might sound silly, but you never know what could happen. When I was 7, and my sister was 4, 5 minutes into our trip to Disney, she stubbed her toe on the hotel room door.

4. A small container of dish soap – This really helped us on my trips to Boston and Minneapolis, because we wanted to use the tons of reusable water bottles we had been collecting through the trip, and needed to wash them. Instead of buying a big thing of it, I bought a pack of empty TSA approved containers (5 for $1 at the Dollar Tree), and filled the one with a pump up with whatever my mom had under the sink.

5. Snacks – I’ve told so many people this and no one ever believes that my family doesn’t eat every meal out on a vacation. My mom ALWAYS brings snacks, no matter where we’re going. Sometimes we wait until we get to our destination, but typically we do a small food shopping a head of time, and make at least two meals per day in our hotel room/cabin/campground/whatever. Usually we bring breakfast bars, poptarts, or something small for breakfast, unless the hotel offers complimentary breakfast. For lunch, we bring a loaf of bread, PB&J, lunch meats, and sometimes the makings for salad for me. Eating out every meal adds up, why not make it yourself for a fraction of the cost? When we travel to New Hampshire, we always stay in a cabin with a complete kitchen, so we usually eat big meals the entire trip, completely homemade, and much cheaper. This leads me to my next point…

6. Sandwich Bags – not super friendly to the environment, but if you do pack snacks/make lunches in the hotel room, if you have no place to store them, why bother?

7. Reusable Shopping Bags – What can’t these be used for? Shopping, lunches, just an extra bag for laundry, where to keep all the snacks,  the possibilities are endless. Plus, if you decide that you are going to do a small food shopping when you get there, you have a reusable bag and A) don’t have to pay for the plastic bag that so many stores charge for now, and B) the food stays in a easy to find bag, and C) you’re not creating waste by using plastic!

8. Reusable Water Bottles  – Buying them as souvenirs is great, but then your drinks taste like plastic, and you’re out up to $20 (I’m looking at you Six Flags). TSA allows an empty water bottle through security, and then you can simply fill it up when you pass them, and don’t have to pay ridiculous airport prices. Same goes for when you arrive at your destination. Restaurants are obligated to give you tap water, and you can just ask them to fill up your bottle for free. I recommend the Brita Bottles, because then no matter where you are, you can drink the water worry-free! Yes, it’s a little pricy, but so is buying a 24-pack of plastic water bottles every week.

9. Emergency Weather Gear – Dollar store ponchos/cheap umbrellas can save a trip from disaster by just remembering that weathermen are not good at their jobs.

10. Sharpies – I find myself needing a sharpie every day, and when I don’t have one on a trip, I kind of lose my mind.

Did I miss anything? Comment below your travel must-haves!


SuperKatieJean takes on: the gym.

For those of you who know me in real life, when it comes to exercise, I’m not about that life. I’m very into yoga, because it’s disguised as something peaceful and relaxing, but when it gets to be intense work outs, I’m all set. However, recently, my boyfriend, our friend, and myself all joined Planet Fitness. They’ve been going to the gym regularly all semester, but I wanted to join as well, thinking that having a group to go with with subconsciously motivate me to go.

Well I was wrong. Our three schedules are rather conflicting, and I find myself forcing myself to go to the gym alone. I’ve tried bribing myself, I’ve tried a hundred different playlists on Songza (recently: #BadBitchAlert has proven successful), and I’ve broken out the Netflix app and began watching Orange Is The New Black while working out. (Which by the way, I obviously did not think through, and I suggest you don’t watch in public. Watch That 70s Show instead).

But also on top of all of this, my problem is that my lack of motivation to go to the gym is a snowball effect, and if I don’t go today, I DEFINITELY won’t go tomorrow. So I guess what I’m asking is how do you motivate yourself to be active? Leave me a comment or follow me on Twitter/Instagram at @SuperKatieJean !

A Late Mother’s Day Post

If your mother is like mine, she is the type of person who cares much more about homemade things, so every year I try to make something for Mother’s Day/her birthday/Christmas and every year I hit a brick wall and end up just buying something small; however, this year I was determined to make something, and I made these: Image

These monogram wine glasses cost about $2 to make, and everyone I made one for absolutely loved. 

So how did I make these? Simple: (read the whole post before you make them so you can see if you find an easier way)

1. I went to the dollar store, bought the glasses (that are actually rather heavy and 20 ounces) 

2. I printed out some Lilly Pullitzer patterns from Google Images

3. I printed out monograms for everyone I was making them for (Google “monogram maker”)

4. I traced the monograms on to the patterns using my glass window/glass table and a lamp

5. Cut the monograms out

6. Placed the actual monogram in the glass to reference for placement and that sort of thing

6. Used a paint brush to “paint” mod podge over the monograms

7. Dry and put the decorative tissue paper in for packing/prettiness. 

Now, this may not be the easiest way to do it. I’m sure one of you brilliant people will figure out an easier way to do all this, but this was just my first run with these. 

Here are some helpful tips about these:

  • Wash the glasses BEFORE you do all of this
  • Lay down some news paper so you don’t make a mess
  • Use “Childrens Mod Podge” so it washes out in case of said mess
  • Comment below on how you made them, and send me a picture!

Haha okay, maybe the last one was a bit of shameless self-promotion, but oh well. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc!

I’m Back Baby.

Hello everyone. It has been quite sometime since I blogged, so I thought today would be the perfect time write a quick post. I hope you all had an easy and great semester that is rather quickly coming to a close and I hope your finals are going to be easy.

Today I’d like to discuss something important in today’s society: hashtags.

For those of you who actually know me in person know that I use hashtags in everyday conversations, text messages, and in my online life. Just look at my last few tweets and Instagram posts! I love them! They’re great! However, when people don’t use them properly, I have what most call a small heart attack. I cannot stand when I see things like this on Twitter “#ihopeyourehavingagoodday #becauseimnot #andimlying #becauseiwantyoutohaveabaddaytoo” STOP. Stop right now. On top of having more than one hashtags (two if absolutely necessary), you can’t even read that. Sure, several hashtags are a way to get more likes on Instagram posts (#guilty), but on Twitter you just look like a doofus.

My point is: Do not use more than 1(sometimes 2) hashtags. Don’t use all lower case letters (for every new word, capitalize the first letter).  Do NOT use punctuation (#Mr.RIC -> now only Mr is tagged).


Okay, my PR social media rant is over. Tell me some of your online pet peeves below or follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

The 6 Possible Ways Your Date Will React To You Being A Vegetarian

Thought Catalog

Even if you’re not a shove my beliefs down your throat type of vegetarian, when you’re dating someone, it will eventually come up. Whether it’s that time you decide to split a pizza or you just get sick of nodding when your date goes on about how good the chicken looks. Sooner or later you have to have to have the “I’m a vegetarian” conversation. In my experience, your date will react in one of 6 ways.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.08.52 PM

1. The thoughtful response

This is the one that immediately pulls out a phone and tries to look up restaurants to accommodate you. This person doesn’t make you feel like an inconvenience but makes it a mission to find a place that satisfies you both.

2. The inappropriate response

This usually only happens if you’re dating a guy but I’m sure girls have gone here too. This is the person that makes a…

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